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St. MaryWe have asked the Holy Virgin, the Theotokos, St. Mary to be the intercessor for this website.  St. Mary is the best intercessor for a service like this for many reasons.  Here are a few of the reasons:


St. Mary is a mother for the whole Church:

During her life here on earth in the flesh and after Christ’s crucifixion, she remained with the Apostles as was a mother for them all.  She stayed with St. John the beloved in his house and all the apostles took her blessings before going on any of their travels to preach the gospel.  Today, she’s still the mother of the whole church, known by all her sons and daughters the Christians.  Just like the mission of this website, which is to unite all Christians, St. Mary is the perfect intercessor because she’s the mother of all, and she can unite all her children in God’s house again.


St. Mary is the closest to God and can tell us about Him:

The goal of studying the Bible is to get to know God more and unite with Him.  St. Mary is the perfect intercessor for us because she’s the closest to God, even more than the angels.  She is His mother, she can tell us all about Him and she can tell us what His will is in our lives.


St. Mary is a living Bible, written on tablets of flesh:

In studying the Bible, we ascribe to hear and act according to God’s word.  St. Mary did just that.  She’s a perfect example for us because she is a living Bible.  If we want to learn about humility, we look at St. Mary.  If we want to learn about love, we look at her as well.  Meekness, silence, faith, wisdom, and many other virtues, we also look at her.  She is the example that God wants from us.  She is what God had in mind when he created man in His image, to be in His likeness.  She is truly the pride of the human race!


St. Mary and symbols of her in the Bible:

There are many symbols of St. Mary in the bible.  Our Church fathers didn’t err to call her the Second Tabernacle, the Holy of Holies, The Holy City, The Undefiled Ark, The Mercy Seat, The Pot of Pure Gold, The Golden Lampstand, The Golden Censer, The Second Heaven, The Beautiful Dove, The Flower of Incense, the Rod of Aaron, The Swift Cloud, and many many other symbols of her.  It is a fascinating and an extremely deep study to learn about the Symbols of St. Mary because they all direct us to the miraculous birth of our Savior.  If God wills we will do a series of the symbols of St. Mary in the Bible in her honor.


St. Mary is the mother of God the Word:

The Holy Spirit overshadowed her and sanctified her.  The Word of God took form in her.  Similarly we pray that the Holy Spirit would sanctify us and that the Word of God may form in us.  We pray that we may behold God’s face and carry Him in our hearts, our words and our actions.  We pray that Christ may grow in us.  We pray that we may not run away from His crucifixion but declare His love to the whole world.  We also pray that we may rejoice in His resurrection and His glory and that we may be where He is.


We pray that she may accept our pleads and intercede for us before Christ her son that He may bless this service, bless those who are served by it, and bless those who serve in it.  In Christ’s Name.  Amen.

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